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Platinum Glamour by Christopher Davis, Angelina Christine Diablo, and Lyndon Johnson.

Glory be to God and all of his beautiful creations! Our sole mission is to represent God’s most beautiful creation in photographic media in an artistic manner most pleasing to the human senses. We believe God made the human body to be admired and appreciated (we are his ultimate works of art) but some things need to be kept private depending on the person and the purpose.

We specialize in Boudior & Glamour Photography.
We also do glamourous senior pictures, boudior, swimsuit, model portfolios, children's pageant glamour shots, fine art and more! We do fully custom sessions anywhere!

Our high end work includes 100% confidential private Fine Art & Glamour Photography. We destroy the files when we are done and only you retain a copy.

We are located in Goldsboro and Raleigh NC. We frequently shoot in studios and on location in Goldsboro, Mount Olive, Smithfield, Raleigh, and we travel anywhere. We believe that every woman is a work of art filled with great beauty and passion. We capture this beauty and passion in our photographs using the four S's of glamour photography...Sexiness, Sultriness, Sensuality and Seductiveness. We shoot fashion, glamour, model and boudoir photography. Whether it is headshots, or bodyshots our images are the perfect gift for that special someone in your life or for yourself. Allow us to photograph and present you as the beautiful woman that you are. (We shoot men too but specialize in women.) We shoot fashion glamour or "Flamour" as our friend Rolando Gomez called it. We shoot "Private Glamour" for your personal eyes only and we shoot for models, magazines and various media outlets including fashion shows.

Fine Art:
We will create a beautiful gallery quality fine art piece on photography paper or a gallery wrap that you can proudly display for years to come (or keep private).

Private Glamour:

Perhaps you have been interested in a naughty girl portrait session but you were nervous about who would see your photos. Know that your photo's are private and only the photographer's and our editor will see them. You have the option of signing a release but it is not mandatory. Intimate portraiture can make a first timer nervous...but I assure you that your session will be a blast. Women come in very nervous and a little stiff looking as they just are not sure how to move...but don’t worry. About 15 minutes into the session most women are feeling more comfortable in their bodies...they begin laughing and the clothes start coming off!

Every woman has a different idea of what sexy means to them...maybe you feel sexiest in a tee shirt or perhaps a sundress. You don’t have to bare it all to be sexy. I want you to walk away from your session and have pictures that make you feel the most beautiful you have ever looked.... I like to start every session off, focusing on your face in normal everyday clothes, that way you can warm up to the camera.
You may want to book your glamour or boudoir session just for yourself, include a friend or get a whole group of friends together for a boudoir party. Our studio is the perfect place to relax and have a blast with your friends!

Glamour Shoots and Boudoir Shoots are typically for a woman wanting to be captured at her very best and show her inner and outer beauty.

Glamour Shoots can include Casual, Sportswear, Costumes, Formal, Evening Wear, Swimwear, and Lingerie but can also include implied nudity.

Boudoir Shoots are typically more revealing than Glamour Shoots. Revealing lingerie, implied nudity and sometimes partial or complete but tasteful nudity is common in Boudoir Photography.

We respect your choices and it is totally up to you how you proceed with your session. Boudoir images are not X-Rated, rather PG-13, more like the classic pinup photos that were popular years ago. How much you show or don't show is all up to you. The idea behind the session and the gift is to have fun and capture the images that your man will treasure for life. THIS IS YOUR SESSION.

The Number 1 thing to bring is a fun attitude, This shoot is as much for you to express yourself as it is for a gift for him. That aside we suggest a couple things:

A couple of changes of outfits (3 or 4) This is a personal choice, but think about what makes you look good. Do you prefer bright colors, white lace, black lace, or something else. Most guys love red and black colored lingerie. Try something he hasn't seen yet or a favorite piece of lingerie, or something personal like one of his work shirts and a tie, or just the tie, or a uniform if he is in the Military.
Regardless of dress, the objective is basically the same - to remove any unwanted distractions (blemishes and scars) and to portray the model's sensuality and beauty.
Every woman has her own special looks and unique expressions - those moments when she is at her natural best.

Our goal during a Glamour Shoot is to relax the subject, inspire confidence and to recognize or discover those moments and capture them for the subjects own pleasure or as a very special gift.
Glamour Shoots therefore, should not be rushed as this is a very personal experience and it can take a little time to become confident and relax and be natural in front of the camera.

Typically, a full Glamour Shoot can take between 2-3hours (with the occasional break) depending on the subject’s initial confidence, the number of outfits she chooses to wear, the number of desired shots and optional, professional make-up.

There is no need to choose a specific package and there is no commitment or pressure to purchase a specific number of prints from us.

We will create a custom book of your photos and you may order high quality prints. We will even frame them for you.

The number of shots taken will vary from between 80 and 500 shots once again depending on the subject's confidence, the number of outfits and how much time the subject dedicates to the shoot.

You can bring as many outfit changes as you like to cover any or all of the styles you want including Casual, Sportswear, Costumes, Formal / Evening Wear, Swimwear and Lingerie.
While you might change your mind, it is best to bring as many outfits that you think
you might consider.

We keep it confidential. Nobody knows we shoot you but you, unless you want them to.

The images shown as samples on this website are from clients that have authorized them in writing to be displayed.