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Welcome to LJ Images Beauty Photography


Clients:  Sessions $199

You don't have to be a model to look like one.  We can meet all of our beauty/glamour photography

needs, wants, and desires!  Client sessions are $199 and include a 20 page hard cover book

from your shoot.  The perfect gift for that special one or yourself.  You can also buy additional prints from your session.

Completely private and confidential.




Build Your Portfolio for free!


I realized that starting models in our local areas don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on starting and updating their model portfolios.  I came up with some options for models to get their portfolios updated for free or very inexpensively.


Option 1:

The Fully Free Shoot

What the model gets?

Models gets 1-2 hour shoot for free with 12 fully edited magazine quality images by download.  Internet size files by download to use in online portfolios.


What we get?

Model signs a commercial model release allowing us to try to use their images for profit in magazines, calendars, stock photos, etc...

(We have to make money somehow)



Option 2:

The $299 Model Portfolio Shoot

What the model gets?

Models gets 1-2 hour shoot for $299. 

You get 6 fully edited magazine quality images by download.  

Internet size files by download to use in online portfolios.

Hair and make-up is included but takes away from shoot time.  Allow up to an hour for hair and makeup to be done.


What we get?

I can only use images on our websites to show our work.  No commercial release.  We can't sell your images.



Platinum Glamour Model Photography by Christopher Davis.

Glory be to God and all of his beautiful creations! My sole mission is to represent God’s most beautiful creation in photographic media in an artistic manner most pleasing to the human senses. I believe God made the human body to be admired and appreciated.

We are his ultimate works of art. 

I specialize in Model Fashion, Fine Art, Boudoir, and Glamour Photography.

I am located in the Goldsboro/Raleigh NC area. I frequently shoot in studios and on location in Goldsboro, Mount Olive, Smithfield, Raleigh, and I travel anywhere. I believe that every woman and man is a work of art filled with great beauty and passion. I capture this beauty and passion in my photographs using the four S's of glamour photography...Sexiness, Sultriness, Sensuality and Seductiveness. I shoot fashion, glamour, fine art,  and boudoir photography.   Allow me to photograph and present you as the beautiful woman/man that you are.  We shoot fashion glamour or "Flamour" as my friend Rolando Gomez called it. I shoot for models, magazines and various media outlets including fashion shows.


One of the studios I use in Mt. Olive NC has hundreds of outfits and props for models to use!

You can bring as many outfit changes as you like to cover any or all of the styles you want including Casual, Sportswear, Costumes, Formal / Evening Wear, Swimwear and Lingerie.
While you might change your mind, it is best to bring as many outfits that you think
you might consider.



1)  We only do Free Trade Shoots if you can do your own hair and makeup or have it done before you come.

2)  If you want hair and makeup done by my staff you have to pay them for that.  (Normally $50 to $75.)

3)  If we don't know you there is a $20 Paypal deposit to schedule a Trade shoot that you get back when you show up so you are not wasting my time resources.


If you don't know how to do your own makeup.  Go to your local mall at Belk to the Clinique counter and schedule a 1:1 makeup class.  It is only around $50 and they will teach you!


1) Learn to do your own hair well.
2) Learn to do your own makeup well.
3) Learn to flow pose well.
4) Offer wardrobe for shoots.
5) Show those photos of banging hair and makeup in beautiful poses.
6) Make sure prospective photographers know you can do this and see it.
7) A model that does the above is a gold mine for a new photographer building a portfolio as well as a prize for an established photographer.